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    Unix Coin is Cryptocurrency.Its for the user & powered by its user.
    Its not minted or endorsed by any company.
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    Unix Coin provides key digital payment services on network,web and mobile.
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    We have already running P2P minning pool
    We minimize the gap between unixcoin and its user.

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Unixcoin Started: Jun 25, 2016
Total Account: 2366
Total Invested $ 216963.05
New User fedbit

WE ARE Unix Coin Foudation

Unixcoin is a new cryptocurrency. It's owned and operated by PayCash Europe S.A, LUXEMBOURG. PayCash Europe S.A authorized by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of Electronic Money & Provide Payment Services, Reg No-900554. As a fully licensed service, all transaction are protected under industry standards.

Safe Transaction

You may safely use Unixcoin in any way you choose at anytime. There are no waiting on approvals from the bank or other person. It's just you, your money, and what YOU want to do with it.Its freedom of your movement.


Todays world need faster transaction.Benjamin Franklin said, "Time is money", So with Unixcoin you can make instant transfer with faster confirmation.

Crypto Invest

Unixcoin can be best choice for secure invest.As a user you deserve to earn interest. With Unixcoin's Personal Investment Rate (PIR), you can earn up to 55% interest, simply be being part of the network


We are the first crypto currency ,that are offering investment with Unixcoin.You will earn upto 60% per month.

Buy & Exchange

With our secured platform you can directly buy or exchange Unixcoin with other ecurrency system.

Send & Receive Unix

From our platform you can directly send or receive payments.For more just sign up.

Unixcoin & Mining

You can mine Unixcoin from our P2P mining pool. To know more visit mining or algorithm sections

Quality Service & Support

As a part of Unixcoin we are providing 24/7 support.There is no holiday for our services.

Affiliate Marketing

By doing marketing you can earn upto 5%, that dont required investment.


Just keep looking on our latest news and post on social media.We also want you all to be a part of this foundation.As its powered by you.

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